Timber Resort and hardwood supplier in Borneo

At Borneo Benar we strive wherever possible to reduce the environmental impact of the structures we build. We believe that structures that are built to genuine, environmentally-responsible standards are not only socially beneficial but will cost less for everyone in the long run.

In the thirty five years that we have been in timber manufacturing we‚EUR(TM)ve acquired a know-how in tropical timber utilisation that we believe few other builders can match. One of the lessons we‚EUR(TM)ve learnt is that timber costs less when it is used appropriately and/or for its designated application. And that the right solution for the environment is often the economical solution, reducing maintenance and replacement costs arising from damage, insect attack, wear and decay. This is because a structure that's built with integrity and with the right materials will last longer, stand up to wear and tear and cost less in maintenance and material costs over its lifetime.

We source our timber from environmentally appropriate, sustainably-managed forests. A large percent of the timber we use comes from forests that are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

Our methods of production and installation require a high percent of engineered components which are invariably fabricated from recycled timber and offcuts that were once considered waste.

We use local materials and labour where possible.

We manufacture the components and modular systems at our own factories. Offsite fabrication speeds up installation and requires fewer resources at the work site: a necessity in remote locations. Prefabrication saves time and energy. It ensures fewer mistakes at the worksite where they are hard to rectify, while reducing fuel costs and waste. Wall and roof insulation, including thermal agents such as bubble foil and low E glass reduce the burning of fossil fuels

If you intend to build to an approved Environmental Sustainable Design we‚EUR(TM)ll be happy to show you how we can help you meet those standards while at the same time saving build and maintenance costs.